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How Keywords Matter to SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This is a process that is undertaken to organize and optimize a website or a blog in order to cause it to rank highly in a search engine, such as Google.

Keywords: Beginning of All Search

When people go to a search engine they are looking for fairly specific information, and they will type their request into a search box, which then will return various articles, websites, blogs, and ads pertaining to the subject matter that was entered. The words used to request the subject matter are called “key words.” The words are usually in the form of a phrase, such as “find out where skunks live” making the words a “key word phrase.”

It is this key word, or key work phrase that becomes the “key” for what is returned to the searcher. A website that has the most relevant content in accordance with the key words being searched for, will appear at the highest levels of the search engine listing.

If you are building a website that is pertaining to a certain subject, you will want to pay attention to what people are looking for by the key words that they are using to do their searches.

Finding the Best Keywords

A webmaster can discover what keywords are being used by various tools such as the free Google Keyword search tool, Semrush, and other search tools that are similar.

Google, and other search engines such as Bing, Alta Vista, Yahoo and others are simply indexes that use algorithms that rank website pages in accordance to their relevance to the keywords that people are using to find out the information which they are searching for.

By optimizing your web pages in a certain way to take advantage of this a webmaster can create a website that lies in a certain niche and have his page rank well by following these precepts.

Check for Less Competitive Keywords

If a niche is found that shows that there a lot of searches for a key word or key word phrases, but there is little competition in the way of other websites, then it is nearly a certainty that he will be able to rank well. This makes sense, and a need is being supplied, as this is just what Google wants, that being thoughtful webpage building with very good and relevant content, so that the searchers can find good information about their topic which they are searching for.

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